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    EHSA Dorm Testing *Look At This First Before You Post*


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    EHSA Dorm Testing *Look At This First Before You Post*

    Post by MegaMaster on Sun Oct 23, 2011 11:19 pm

    Hello everyone! Here at EHSA we do our testing differently than most academies. Let me take you through the process.

    To start, you don't need to post in here to be tested any more. Please fill out the application by Clicking HERE. ***Please only ONE application per member! Abuse will result in an IP Ban from the App.***

    Next once your application is processed our team of admins and testers will receive an email. An admin or tester will make a new thread in this forum (The title will be your EHSA Username.) requesting a time to test you. You must respond and say, "Yes, I can be tested at that time." or "No, I cannot be tested at that time. What about at {Insert Date and Time Here}." Then at that time you will be tested, you have 24 hours before your testing to change the time. If you cannot make it you have to schedule another time to be tested and you will automatically go one dorm lower.

    Once the testing is complete the Tester will evaluate you based on certain criteria and you will be given an overall score. This score will be used to place you in a specific dorm. Your results will be displayed in the "Testing Results" category of the forums. Once you are in a dorm you can't change until a "Special Event Retesting."

    Thats it for testing. Good Luck and Have Fun!

    Posts : 93
    Join date : 2011-09-17
    Age : 23

    Re: EHSA Dorm Testing *Look At This First Before You Post*

    Post by MegaMaster on Mon Nov 07, 2011 11:28 pm

    Tester Post Format:
    The topic title needs to be the members username!!!
     Hello {Username}, we have received your testing application and its time for you to be tested. I will be your tester, and I was wondering if you are available on {Week Day, Month Day, Year} anywhere between {Time} - {Time} to be tested. If you cannot make it at this time please reply with a time at which you are available.
    Thank You,
    {Your Username}
    Of course you are free to add more information that is not stated in the above post.
    ***Remember that when you are putting the date and the time you have to use their time format.
    ***Only one tester needs to make a post.
    ***Only the one tester and the testie should post in the thread.

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