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Elemental Hero The Shining Academy

This academey is gonna involve duelingnetwork.com

Hello MegaMaster. Welcome to Elemental Hero the Shining Acadmey. We are glad to have you here.
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    Dueling Rules Empty Dueling Rules

    Post by MegaMaster Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:13 am

    Here on the Academy Field members play each other in a pursuit to acquire Hero Points (HP), that can be used to pay for things offered in the EHSA Shop.

    How do you get points?

    Each duel won earns you 50 HP, each match earns you 100 HP. You don't lose any HP if you've lost a match or duel. All you have to do is post your duel in a new thread in the Academy Field. (You must play academy members!)

    What you need in your post?

    Number of Times Dueled:
    Number of Duels the Winner Won:
    If you played more than one duelist in a short period of time then try to post the above three times in the same post. Also, you will need a screenshot of your victory to confim you winning or you need to have the member post in your post that he won or lost.

    Wager Duels?

    Wager duels are duels only with academy members in which both of you wager the same amount of points. You play a duel and the winner receives the points, but the loser loses them. The winner receives double the points he won, the loser only loses those points. Please post a topic in here before you duel, then have your opponent confim the points. You can't wager points you don't have!!! The post should look as follows:
    Wager Duel
    Points Wagered:
    Duel Format: (rated, unrated, traditional)
    Special Duel Rules:
    Then once the other player confirms you may have the duel. Once the duel is over please take a screenshot of your victory or lose, and post it in the same topic. If you can't take a screenshot please post the match results and have your opponent confirm.

    Advertising Points
    If you ask the person you're dueling to join EHSA, then all you need to do is take a screenshot showing the staff that you said such things as your prize you will gain 50 HP. You need to win in order to get 50 HP, if you lose and tell someone you will receive 25 HP. Just make a new thread with the screenshot.

    More to come...

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