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    Banned Rules


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    Banned Rules

    Post by MegaMaster on Sun Sep 18, 2011 12:54 pm

    A "suspension" is when your account is temporarily disabled. These expire after a set period of time, and are often incurred at moderate Warning levels; you can come back from a suspension, though these can last from a week to a month in duration. The only exception is COPPA violations, in which case you'll be suspended until your 13th birthday.

    A "banning" is when your account is permanently disabled. Bannings do not expire, and will be incurred for extreme violations of the rules, or your warning level reaching 100%.

    Levels at which bannings or suspensions will occur:

    * 0%~40%: You're either clean as a whistle, or you've messed up a bit. In either case, you won't be suspended or banned, even if the violation would call for it normally.
    * 50%~60%: You're causing a few problems. Warnings in this range will earn a 1-Week Suspension, plus anything applicable for what you did wrong.
    * 70%~90%: You're about to cross the line. This is likely your final chance, so tread carefully. Warnings in this range will earn a 2-Week Suspension, plus anything applicable for what you did wrong.
    * 100%: You will be permanently banned if you reach this level!

    Warnings are cumulative, to a point. That is, if you are at 70% or above, and you eat a warning for more than 10%, each increment of 10% will bring about its own suspension.

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